Sunday, 19 August 2007

[We Are] Fuzzy Felt Folk: All new daytime crafty parties!

Lady Wurlitzer invites you to support the launch of a whole new stream of crafty Fuzzy Felt Folk events! Join us between 2pm and 6pm on Sunday 2nd September in the rather wonderful Macsorley's (Jamaica Street) for some serious craftiness and some swinging country music from the super swell LW catalogue! Enjoy lunch (chips here are heavenly and if you're after a Sunday afternoon tummy filler, I hear that the Macsorley's mince n tatties is a winner), enjoy a soda pop and enjoy catching up with crafty chums! Come keep us company! Bring your knitting class, your crochet group, your drawing gang, your cross-stitch circle! Everyone is welcome. Entry is free and of course, cupcakes are free too!