Monday, 30 April 2007

Fuzzy Felt Folk- Sleazy's 2nd May

Fuzzy Felt folk returns for some musical crafting action. I stole the following from Fuzzy Felt Folk's myspace:

On the menu for this party we have nachos and homemade spicy dips by Caboodle (you might get some guacamole if you're good), some rockabilly style cup cakes by the Cake Goddess (I bet you didn't know there was such a thing) and some booze by...The Bar Person.

On stage first (at about 9/9.30) we'll enjoy You're High Frequency. Ditching his usual electronic/live ensemble and fellow collaborators for the evening, You're High Frequency joins us on his tod for some renditions of his favourite country tinged ditties. Next up we'll go wild for the mighty, mighty Dave Arcari. This is a pretty big deal. Dave Arcari is as close to a legend as FFF is likely to get in the next while and if you haven't heard Dave before or if you haven't seen him live - this mini show is the perfect introduction! With an exhilirating blend of dirty country and dark blues, this one man resonator guitar machine really is a musical figure to be reckoned with! Just brilliant.

Taking up the roles of hostesses, the beautiful Vanity Kills and the stunning Morgan le Faye will be offering you Lady Wurlitzer giveaways and treats. For those of you who were sad to miss the burlesque starlets last time around, you'll be grinning at Party III :o)

So. Tell your chums, tell your mums and tell your bums to wiggle their way to Sleazy's on 2nd May, 8pm-12pm for some joy.

Thursday, 26 April 2007

Craft Fairs

t-boo and stella my star will be at the Gather in Glasgow, Ruthven Lane on Saturday 28th April 11am to 5pm. Swing by and buy stuff...hopefully t-boo's ;-)

Miso Funky Market

Going back to its roots... the Miso Funky Market will be in the large hall of Hillhead Library on Byres Road in Glasgow's West End on Saturday May 12th from 11am til 4pm - doors open from 10am to set up.

Further ventures in association with Dada will follow, but for now, we're back to basics, people.