Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Happy Birthday Lady Wurlitzer!

This month marks Lady Wurlitzer’s first birthday! Hoorah!! My oh my haven’t we come far from that very first Miso Funky market…Armed with noubt but a couple of bars of soap and a pot of lip butter, Lady Wurlitzer introduced her pretty wares to the westend and was received with welcoming sniffs! Having now expanded the LW ranges to include all sorts of bathtime treats and having opened the pretty e-boutique, Lady Wurlitzer is cheerily proud of her acheivements over the last 12 months. To thank all loyal customers for their support and to thank fellow crafties for inviting LW into the fold, we’d like to invite you to our birthday celebration! Taking place at Gather In’s Market Place event on the 28th July (that’s next Saturday), you can come along to the Lady Wurlitzer stall and enjoy a browse around a whole heap of new and wonderful products. There’ll be sweeties and free gifts for LW customers and you can take the opportunity to join the brand spanking new mailing list to receive advance info and sneaky discounts! Come blow up a balloon, take home a badge, buy some limited edition birthday pamper boxes and generally have a nice time!! Hoorah! Doors open to the public at 11am. Come early to take full advantage of a saucy soaper and her fine wares! :o)

Oh - and there'll be special offers available at from Monday 30th July - secret passwords to follow!