Sunday, 27 May 2007

Fuzzy Felt Folk IV - Friday 22nd June

Fuzzy Felt Folk IV, 'Help Me Make It Through The Night', will take place in Sleazy's again on Friday 22nd June. It is absolutely no coincidence at all that this date also happens to be Kris Kristofferson's 71st birthday. For those of you comfortably sheltered from Lady Wurlitzer's weirdo ways, this really honestly isn't as odd as it first sounds. In amongst the usual knitting and crafting activity, the evening will take the form of a birthday celebration and tribute to the song writing wonder that is Mr Kristofferson :o)

We'll have tipsy jelly and sweeties, we'll have a suitably Kristofferson packed/inspired playlist and we'll have the all important birthday cake. The birthday cake, baked specially by the very talented Cake Goddess will be the best bloomin' birthday cake this side of Sauchiehall Street! We may even have some knitted beards and aviators for those with a penchant for fancy dress (or that may just be too silly...).

We've put together a bill of performers who will come along and play their favourite Kris numbers while the rest of us tuck into our birthday treats and stitch our socks. Be reassured and sleep well when I say we are NOT encouraging Stars In Their Eyes-esque re-enactments of Help Me Make It Through The Night et al. We have been very careful to select people who simply want to share a version of a KK tune that they've put together in their own little way. Hoorah! The live lineup includes Dave Arcari, Rick Redbeard, YHF, JC Hamilton and Lady Wurlitzer. There're a few more acts to be confirmed and providing they're free and willing, they will be stupendous additions to an already choc-a- flaming-brilliant bill :o)

Knitters - raise your needles, artists, pick up your pencils, crotcheters - pick up your...crotchet stuff and cross stictchers, pick up your pretty projects! Combine a little crafty activity with a bit of chat, some tipples, some nibbles and some stupendous live music.

You can buy tickets in advance here:
This is advisable.

See you there! :o)

aka Lady Wurlitzer